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Pictures: Thailand hit with worst flooding in 50 years

See how Thailand is coping with the country's worst flooding in 50 years.
The flooding has been going on since July and more than 300 people have been killed and hundreds left homeless because of it. These people have packed their stuff into bags as they leave their homes.
People carrying their bags
The army are working hard to help get people away from the floods. This truck has collected a group of people and is evacuating them from Pathum Thani province, near the capital Bangkok, which is one of the worst hit areas.
Truck carrying people away from floods
And people are being warned that the worst isn't over yet. The capital Bangkok itself could be hit by the floods, which would mean thousands more people would be affected. These dogs are being given a helping hand through the water.
People carrying their dogs through water
Over half of Thailand has been affected by the floods so far and a third of the country is still under water even now. These people are pushing their tricycle taxi, called a "tuk tuk" through the water.
People pushing taxis through the water
Homes and livelihoods have been damaged and thousands of people forced into shelters. This little boy wades through the water after leaving his home in a temple that's been flooded in Nonthaburi province, just outside Bangkok.
Young boy wades through the water
The authorities say it's going to be another month before the water drains away. This puppy was rescued from the flood and has been taken onto a truck evacuating people.
Puppy rescued in the floods
Meanwhile, army troops have been rushing to pile sandbags onto floodwalls on the edge of Bangkok. Here volunteers are carrying the sandbags to help build the wall.
People carrying sandbags
Over a million sandbags are being used. Officials hope that walls like these will help stop the flooding from ruining more buildings and prevent the floodwater from spreading.
Wall of sandbags
Big industrial estates like this have been forced to close meaning businesses are shut and factories can't make things. This is a view from above the flooded area in Pathum Thani province which shows how much of the land is covered in water.
Flooded area in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok
Thailand is a country that is used to flooding, but this year the floods are the worst they've had in 50 years. Roads have been turned to rivers and here, a boat with rescue workers is being towed by a truck just outside the capital, Bangkok.
People being rescued by boat