Beyonce accused of copying dance moves

Last updated at 14:22

Beyonce's one of the most famous popstars in the world, so it might come as a surprise that she's been accused of stealing someone else's dance moves.

A dance choreographer in Belgium called Anne Teresa De Keersmaker reckons that moves in Beyonce's new video Countdown were copied from a ballet routine that she made up.

Beyonce has defended herself and admitted that Anne Teresa's dance was "one of the inspirations to bring the song to life".

But Anne says she didn't give permission to use the moves and says the video is "pure plagiarism" (plagiarism is when you copy what someone else has done and pretend it's your own work).

The clip above was put online, and shows the original dance moves compared with the ones in Beyonce's video.

So can dance moves actually be owned by someone? The answer is yes, but it's quite complicated.

A sequence of moves could be protected if they're unique and the person who made up the routine can prove it was theirs to begin with.

They'd also need to show that a lot of the moves had been used without their permission.