German fashion designer makes dresses out of milk!

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Anke DomaskeReuters

A designer from Germany is making high fashion clothes using something you'd normally find in your fridge... milk!

Anke Domaske has created a special fabric called QMilch, and it's the first ever man-made fibre produced with no chemicals.

Anke says: "It feels like silk and it doesn't smell — you can wash it just like anything else."

She also reckons the fabric is healthy, helping your blood circulation.

It takes about six litres of milk to make an entire dress, but luckily they don't have a 'best before' date attached.

Each dress costs about £150, and celebs like Ashlee Simpson are big fans.

Anke DomaskeReuters

How does she make it?

Anke extracts a protein called casein from dried milk powder. Then she heats it up in a type of meat-mincing machine with other natural ingredients.

The fibre comes out of the machine in strands, and is then spun into yarn on a spinning machine.