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Divers find a chalk reef off the coast of Norfolk

Divers have found a new species of sponge off the East Coast of the UK in Norfolk. Take a look at what else is down there...
Divers have found something very interesting off the east coast of the UK in Norfolk...
Diver searching underwater
They've discovered a new species of sponge - an animal that lives underwater.
The purple sponge that has been found
This squat lobster blends into the reef.
Squat lobster
Check out the frown on this yellow plaice.
Yellow plaice
This long legged spider crab lives there too - he's decorated himself with seaweed - maybe for camouflage?
Long legged spider crab
When divers went down to explore the reef they found more than 350 wildlife species including these two-spot gobies.
Two-spot gobies swimming in the reef
These sea bass live in the same place - the chalk reef in north Norfolk is the longest in Europe.
Sea bass swimming
This is just one of around 130 types of seaweed that have been found.
And divers snapped this colourful long-spined sea scorpion swimming around.
Long spined sea scorpion