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Pictures: Oil spills from stricken ship in New Zealand

Oil is spilling from a cargo ship off the coast of New Zealand. Lots of oil is being washed ashore and putting animals' lives in danger.
Wildlife rescuers are helping clean all the oil off the animals. Everyone hopes that the oil can be contained as quickly as possible so more damage is not done.
Rescuers cleaning oil off a penguin
And on the beaches people are doing what they can to try to get the oil off the sand.
People trying to clean up the beach
This beach in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand is usually clean and popular with tourists. But now it’s covered with big black lumps of oil…
Oil washed onto the beach
The Bay of Plenty is home to hundreds of species of marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins, seals and penguins, like this one.
Penguin covered in oil from the spill
Hundreds of people are trying to help clean up the mess. These vessels were taking equipment out to the stricken ship.
Ships preparing to take equipment to the cargo ship Rena.
It all started when this container ship hit a reef off the coast of New Zealand, on Wednesday.
The cargo ship Rena in the middle of the water
About 30 tonnes of oil are thought to have leaked out, making a 3-mile long slick. You can see the trace of oil in the water in this pic.
Oil spill from cargo ship Rena
Here’s a close up. People are being told to stay away from the beaches until the spill is dealt with.
Lump of oil on the beach