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UK heatwave brings in hundreds of rare moths

The UK's recent heat wave has attracted hundreds of rare moths which are normally found in the Mediterranean and North Africa.
Check out the colourful crimson speckled moth which has been spotted on the south coast of England too.
The Crimson speckled moth
The vestal moth usually lives abroad but its been enjoying Britain's unseasonal heatwave this year.
The Vestal Moth
Don't try saying the name of this moth quickly. It's a spoladea recurvlis, an extremely rare tropical species that's been spotted in Ireland for the first time, and in Scotland for only the second time ever.
The Spoladea Recurvlis moth
Check out the skull-like pattern on the body of this death's head hawk moth that's been spotted at a Dorset nature reserve.
The Death's Head Hawk moth
Rare flame brocade moths have started a new colony on the south coast of England, according to the charity Butterfly conservation. Experts say it's because of the hot weather.
The Flame Brocade moth