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X Factor: Who's your favourite X Factor finalist?

They've beaten thousands of other hopefuls, now check out these pictures of The X Factor finalists performing at the judges' houses.
The Boys: Frankie Cocozza - Frankie's mum took him to the local theatre when he was eight years old and he sang there until he was 13. He said: "My family are going to be so, so happy I'm through to the finals."
Frankie Cocozza
The Groups: The Risk - Andrew, Derry and Ashley all entered The X Factor as solo artists. They were put into a group at bootcamp but at Judges’ Houses, Tulisa added Charlie, (second from left) who originally entered the competition as part of the band, Chasing Keys.
The Risk
The Boys: Craig Colton - Craig always wanted to be an actor, but when he started a drama course he realised he could sing too! One of his favourite singers is Adele.
Craig Colton
The Boys: Marcus Collins - Marcus was quiet and shy at school but did take part in school musicals. He is a massive Destiny’s Child fan - he saw them every time they performed in Liverpool and owns all their tour DVDs!
Marcus Collins
The Girls: Misha Bryan - Misha started singing aged 14. Her friends and family are very encouraging of her singing and always listen to her rehearse. She wants to make them proud.
Misha Byran
The Girls: Janet Devlin - 16-year-old Janet has been writing poems and songs since she was seven years old. She finds singing much more natural than talking and is really glad that Kelly Rowland is her mentor.
Janet Devlin
The Girls: Amelia Lily - Amelia’s brother persuaded her to audition for The X Factor. She is always singing around the home and owns a microphone that she uses to sing to her family.
Amelia Lily
The Girls: Sophie Habibis - Sophie was really shocked when Kelly Rowland chose her for the finals. "I can't describe how I feel. I was expecting a 'no' because everyone was so good. I was so nervous and I didn't think that I sounded that good, " she said.
Sophie Habibis
The Boys: James Michael - James taught himself to play the guitar when he was 16 years old. James was surprised he got through to the finals. "I think the other boys have got better voices than me," he said.
James Michael
The Over 25s: Sami Brookes - Sami always enters local karaoke competitions, but has never won! She was given a second chance on the show after another contestant dropped out.
Sami Brookes
The Over 25s: Kitty Brucknell - Kitty has been singing since she was five years old and has sung at many summer camps. She was inspired by Britney Spears and loves Adam Lambert.
Kitty Brucknell
The Over 25s: Jonjo Kerr - Jonjo is the first soldier to make it through to the finals of The X Factor. "This is outstanding and something I would never have thought possible," he says.
Jonjo Kerr
The Groups: Rhythmix - Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade all entered The X Factor this year as solo artists. They were given a second chance at the final stage of bootcamp when the judges decided to put them into groups.
The Groups: 2 Shoes - Charley and Lucy met whilst performing at various venues in Essex. If they win The X Factor they’ll buy themselves a micro-pig. Boybands .
2 Shoes
The Groups: Nu Vibe - Ashford, Stefan, Bradley, Jordan and Richard all entered The X Factor this year as solo artists. They were given a second chance at the final stage of bootcamp when the judges decided to put them into a group and Nu Vibe was formed.
Nu Vibe
The Over 25s: Johnny Robinson - Johnny always sang as a child and loves doing karaoke and taking part in charity concerts. His dream is to play concerts all over the world.
Johnny Robinson