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Unusually hot weather across the UK in Autumn

Lots of places in the UK are having warmer weather than they usually do in September. Check out these pics!
On the coast in St Andrews in Scotland it was a perfect day to relax on the beach.
Walkers on St Andrews beach in Scotland
Even though it's really warm now, the all-time highest temperature recorded in September was 30.6C in Hampshire, England, way back in 1895.
Rowers on the River Wear in Durham
Temperatures in London and south-east England are likely to stay high until next Tuesday. These people have realised it's great weather for going to the park...
People relaxing on grass on the in London
The Met Office, who forecast the country's weather, say it's been caused by warm air coming across France and then moving towards the UK.
People in the water and on the beach at Eastbourne in south England
And it means the weather's great for ice cream!
Alyssa enjoying an ice cream in the warm weather
Parts of the UK are having lots of sunshine and high temperatures that aren’t usual for this time of the year. And some people are heading to the water to cool down!
Brendan cooling off in some water in Folkestone.
...where the ducks are out in the sunshine too.
The "mini-heatwave" is expected to bring sunshine across the England and Wales for the rest of the week, but rain is predicted for western Scotland and Northern Ireland in the next few days.
Friends relaxing in the warm weather on a beach in Brighton, East Sussex