Western lowland gorilla born at Bristol Zoo

Last updated at 13:08
Baby western lowland gorillaPA

A gorilla has been born at Bristol Zoo.

Salome, a western lowland ape, gave birth on Tuesday and both her and the baby are "healthy, content and bonding well".

The gorilla house has been closed to the public to allow the primates, including the father, Jock, to bond with the new arrival.

Animal expert John Partridge said: "It is still very early days, but Salome is a great mother and has been cradling and cuddling her baby affectionately."

The keepers don't yet know what sex the baby is and it hasn't been named either.

This is Salome's third baby at Bristol Zoo. Her last, Komale, was born in December 2006.

The western lowland gorillas at the zoo are part of a conservation breeding programme for endangered species.

Lots of primates around the world have been affected by forest destruction, diseases and slaughter for the illegal bushmeat trade.