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Typhoon Nesat smashes into the Philippines causing chaos

Scenes of flooding and destruction from the Philippines, where the largest typhoon of the year has flooded beaches, destroyed homes and cut power lines.
The Philippines, a group of islands in South East Asia, has been battered by the strongest storm to hit this year. Typhoon Nesat is causing flooding, landslides and power cuts.
A house in Tondo city after an electric post slammed into it
The beach in Manila was completely flooded after water surged over the sea wall. There are fears another tropical storm brewing in the Pacific Ocean could hit the Philippines over the next few days.
A beach is flooded
Thousands of people were evacuated before the storm hit, including these men who live in a poverty-stricken shanty town. Many homes have been destroyed.
Residents living near the sea front evacuate their shanty town
The storm is moving slowly westwards over Luzon island where more than a million people have no power. It's thought 18 people have died, including some children and 35 people are still missing.
Residents carry a pig as they wade knee-deep in floodwaters
A cargo ship has been washed ashore by the storm. Emergency teams are now clearing away fallen trees, debris and broken-down cars.
A cargo ship is washed ashore by the winds
Motorbikes, boats and delivery trucks like this one are being used to evacuate residents who have been threatened by the storm. The Philippines is hit by about 20 typhoons a year, but Nesat is thought to be the biggest this year.
Children look out from the back of a delivery truck