Cher 'disgusted' by cyberbullying

Last updated at 16:37

Singer Cher Lloyd has said not enough is being done to tackle cyberbullying.

The 18-year-old said she'd been abused by people on social networking sites, as well as in the street.

The former X Factor contestant told BBC Radio 1 that she wants the government to do more to protect kids from offensive comments online.

"No-one has made a big enough impact to stop these people. I'd definitely like to see more done about it," she said.

Cher admits that the hurtful comments upset her.

"If someone shouts at me in the street that's really disrespectful to me or my family, I kind of wait until I go home," Cher said.

"You shut the door and then you can have a cry about it. No-one needs to know."

Last week the Swagger Jagger singer was targeted on the social networking site Twitter by someone who threatened to hurt her mum.

But she thinks the people behind the abuse wouldn't ever say those things in real life.

"I'm getting stronger with this stuff," she said.

"I can take it on the chin but there are girls out there and boys out there that can't take that.

"It's strange because I think, would these people be big enough and strong enough to come up to me and say these hurtful things?

"Because I've got the idea that they actually wouldn't. They would never, ever say that to my face."