Laughter yoga classes in Vietnam

Last updated at 13:01

A new fitness trend is sweeping across Vietnam and it's all a bit of a laugh!

Groups of people are getting up early to get a daily dose of laughter yoga in the capital of the country Hanoi.

They wave their arms around, march, clap and make funny faces during the 45-minute workout of chuckling and chortling.

The combination of laughter and breathing is meant to stretch muscles and cause feel-good chemicals, called endorphins, to be released in the body.

Laughter yoga originally started in India.

Some members of the group in Vietnam have said the classes are making their bodies stronger.

Luong Bao Thinh said: "I am very healthy now but I used to have many problems, but only after a few months of practice, I feel my body gradually getting much better."

The sessions are free and are held whatever the weather.