Chat: What have you done to raise money for charity?

Last updated at 12:26

Press Packer Charlie knows a lot about fundraising - he did a sponsored cycle ride and raised thousands of pounds for victims of Haiti's earthquake.

Have you raised money for charity? Maybe you've organised something with your class or with your friends.

What did you do and how much did you raise? Was it good fun? Do you have any tips for other fundraisers?

Whatever you've done, let us know. Get those comments coming in.

Your comments:

"For Red Nose Day, my school did this thing where a room had 'RED NOSE DAY 2011' spelt out in huge letters, and we had to cover it up with money. I also did a sponsored silence for a week and raised over £60!"

Christie, 12, Surrey, England

"I did a dance contest with my group for charity."

Violet, 11, Lincoln, England

"Every Friday, my school always raise money for helping a student to pay the school fee, and every Ramadhan month we also raise some money to help orphans."

Claudia, 14, Indonesia

"For the Haiti earthquake my school raised money for Haiti by doing a coin trail!"

Louise, 11, Ireland