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Pictures: Dog photographer of the year

The Kennel Club has announced the winners of the 2011 Dog Photographer of the Year competition.
This spritely little Yorkshire terrier is called Dolly. She was snapped by Lucinda Seamons, who is a professional dog walker. The two dogs you can see in the background are vizslas.
Dolly the Yorkshire terrier
This looks like a rather scary situation but don't worry - the dog on the right is just yawning! Robert Patefield took this photo of his greyhound Faith as she yawned into the face of Fudge the puppy. They were playing together in the garden... it looks like Faith couldn't quite keep up!
A greyhound yawning into the face of a puppy
They don't call these dogs 'springer' spaniels for nothing! This is Ella doing what she loves best - playing in fields. She was snapped by her owner Warren Keep, who likes to photograph her when they're out and about.
Ella the springer spaniel playing in a wheat field
Fourteen-year-old Megan Smith took this black and white photo of her friend and pet spaniel. She wants to be a professional photographer and even has her own studio in her bedroom!
Megan's friend and pet spaniel looking at each other
This hard-working border collie was snapped by owner Elizabeth Lane in the Lake District at a working dog show event. Just look at that concentration!
A border collie rounding up some sheep
This action shot shows three border collies running through a field together. It was taken by Andy Biggar for someone who owns a dog grooming shop.
Three border collies running through a field.
They say a dog is a man's best friend - and this picture certainly proves it! It was taken by Clare Chick, who wanted to capture the relationship between the boy and her cocker spaniel, Meg. After being told her picture was a runner-up, Clare promised to give Meg a big hug.
Meg the dog with a young boy fishing
This cute photo was taken by 15-year old Danielle Connor. Danielle was on holiday with her family in Cyprus when she found three puppies abandoned on a beach. Her family rescued them and decided to keep this one, which they named Louis. He looks a little bit camera shy!
Louis the pup
This cheeky looking bull terrier pup was snapped by its owner Keni Akutu, 12, while he tackled a cookie on the kitchen floor. What a mess!
A bull terrier puppy eats a cookie on the kitchen floor
This sprinting dog is Sidney, a rescue crossbreed of doberman and German shepherd. His owner, Ian Lambert, took the pic as he watched Sidney chase seagulls across the beach while they were on holiday.
Sidney the dog chases seagulls on the beach
This amazing photo shows an army dog at work in Afghanistan. It was taken by Alex Fairfull, who was asked by a newspaper to take photos of dogs at war. Alex captured this German shepherd at a training session and crouched on the floor to get the angle.
A German Shepherd in Afghanistan
This dog doesn't seem to be enjoying his journey very much! He was snapped by Taida Tarabula, who caught the little French bull dog looking out of a car window.
A French bull dog peering out of a car window