UK to see lots more spiders after warm spring

Last updated at 11:39

Spiders: you might love them or hate them, but experts reckon there'll be more of them around our houses and gardens this autumn.

A warm spring in the UK means more of the eight-legged creatures spinning webs in the garden, getting stuck in the sink or just creeping around.

Hayley's been finding out what spiders you're most likely to see and gets some advice on what you do when you spot one.

Check out her report in the clip above and have a look at the comments below that you've been sending in.

Your comments:

I don't mind spiders but if there is one in the room when I'm trying to sleep then I have to move it!

Luke, 10, Leeds, England

I love spiders. In my school we are making a bug hotel and we've nearly collected a hundred!

Rachel, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I really don't like spiders. My room sometimes gets very hot so we have to open up the windows, which means lots of spiders can get in. I usually scream and run when I see any. I have to get my dad to carefully take the spiders out of my room and put them in the garden. I don't like spiders but I don't want to hurt them.

Imaan, 11, London, England

I love spiders and I found 11 yesterday!

Hubbab, 11, London, England

I don't see why people make a big deal about spiders. They're a bit like us as they eat, sleep and you see them everywhere. So why would you be scared of them?

Daisy, 10, Telford, England

I just pick them up. My mum and brother think I'm really brave but what is the worst they can do? They're probably more scared of you.

Charlotte, 11, Southampton, England

Some spiders are ok but the big ones are slightly creepy - I had one in my bath (not at the same time as me!) and it was MASSIVE!

And I leave them to do their own thing because you wouldn't want a massive hand coming down, picking you up by one of your legs and chucking you out the window would you?!

Abbie, 12, Northamptonshire, England

I love spiders! I don't get the big deal about them! I also feel really sorry for them because everyone screams and wants to kill them! :(

Debbie, 14, Wakefield, England

What I do to get rid of them is get a food container and when it is in there I let it free!

Aimee, 9, London, England

I have seen loads more creeping about in the garden, and there have been a few in the bath over the past month. The bad news is... I DON'T LIKE THEM! The weird thing about me is, I can deal with tarantulas, but the really skinny ones like in the picture just freak me out! Eurgh!

Lily, 11, Essex, England

I really like spiders - we have lots in our garden and I know that they are really good and do useful jobs around the garden. When we find one in the house, we put it in a cup outside. We have lots of harvest spiders at the moment, with very long spindly legs.

Ella, 6, Guildford, England

I'd look up-close, then, if it's scary in any way, I'll run away screaming. I usually just shout for my dad and he usually squishes it...

Kevin, 10, Manchester, England