World's heaviest onion at Harrogate Flower Show

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Peter Glazebrook and his record-breaking onionGetty Images

Did you wake up this morning thinking, 'What I'd like most of all today is to see a record-breaking giant onion'?

No? Nor did we... But when we stumbled across this amazing picture we decided we had to show you.

This is Peter Glazebrook showing off the 8.15kg vegetable that got him into the Guinness Book of World Records - for the world's heaviest onion.

It's all part of a giant veg competition at the Harrogate Flower Show in Yorkshire.

Giant cabbageReuters
This cabbage would make a lot of salads!

Derek Neumann managed to grow the biggest cabbage of the competition.

Forget a supermarket plastic bag, Derek had to bring it in his wheelbarrow!