Scientists find proof that dinosaurs had feathers

Last updated at 11:25

Big, scary and scaly. That's often what we imagine when we think of dinosaurs.

But some may have been a bit more cuddly than we thought - because experts say some of them had feathers.

Scientists in Canada have found perfectly preserved feathers that they say are from dinosaurs that lived around 80 million years ago.

Amazingly, the feathers are in great condition because they've been fossilised inside little pieces of amber - so even the colours are still clear to see.

It's not unusual for things like insects to be found in amber - which is gunky tree sap that has turned hard and trapped what's inside - but scientists say finding feathers is rare.

It is believed the dinosaurs had feathers for display and warmth rather than flying.

Scientists are still studying the feathers and hope their discovery will help them find out more about how birds evolved from dinosaurs.