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In pictures: Floods devastate southern Pakistan

Pictures from the latest floods to have devastated parts of Pakistan for the second year in a row
Flood waters across south Pakistan's have destroyed or damaged hundreds of thousands of homes, according to the United Nations. Aid agencies say up to five million people have been affected by the rising water.
Villagers carry their belongings through flood water in south Pakistan
Karachi and its surrounding villages been very badly hit by the torrential rains. Thousands of people have been displaced, schools shut down, markets forced to close.
Villagers carry a motorbike on a bed frame through flood water at Golarchi town
In 2010, millions were displaced and about 1,600 people died in torrential monsoon rains. With more rain expected, some officials have said this year's floods could prove to be just as serious.
Flooding in Golarchi town
Officials in Pakistan have warned the situation is getting worse each day as water levels rise because of more rain and poor drainage systems.
Villager in in Badin district
Many main roads have become temporary camps, as people take to the higher ground in a desperate attempt to escape the water.
Villagers in Sindh take refuge on roadside
The United Nations has said it has started to feed 500,000 people affected by the floods and rain.
A child in a flood-affected evacuation camp at Golarchi town
The floods are bad news for Pakistan's cash-strapped government, still struggling to help victims of last year's devastating floods.
Flood victims neat Karachi