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Amazing photos from the Young Astronomer awards

Check out these amazing pictures of space taken by young astronomers around the world.
On grey cloudy day you can forget just how amazing the sky can look... good job we've got this pic of the Northern Lights to remind you! Thanks for taking it Ole!
Photograph taken of the Northern Lights
Tom took this snap of the moon by putting his camera up against his telescope. Experts think that the dark circles used to be lakes millions of years ago.
First half of the moon.
It was taken as part of the young astronomer competition which got starry-eyed hopefuls from around the world to send in their best snaps of the sky. Tunc took this snap in Turkey.
Picture of the sky taken over Turkey
15-year-old Jathin from India won the competition with this picture of a solar eclipse. The moon is red because it is being lit by sunlight which has been filtered through the earth's atmosphere.
Summer lunar eclipse
Adults also had their own competition. You can see the outline of the Milky Way in this picture taken by stargazer Jeffrey in Nevada which won the the top prize!
Self portrait of a star-gazer.
This snap might look like something out of Doctor Who but it was actually taken by 15-year-old Nicole! She took the picture over the Sierra Nevada mountain range near her home in the USA.
Star trails above the Nevada mountains.
Marco from Italy managed to capture a supernova explosion - the death of a star much bigger than our sun which happened thousands of years ago!
Aftermath of a supernova explosion.
Sometimes in winter the moon can be seen in the sky during the daytime. 15-year-old Jessica took a picture of the moon in the sky over a snowy setting.
Winter skyline with waxing moon.