Oscar Pistorius talks about the 2012 Paralympic games

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Wheelchair basketball, a blind penalty shoot-out and volleyball sitting down...

They're just some of the 20 sports you can see being played at the 2012 London Paralympics.

Top athletes like sprinter Oscar Pistorius and swimmer Ellie Simmonds headed to London to celebrate International Paralympics day.

Newsround sent Leah along to speak to the medal hopefuls.

Over four thousand athletes from 150 different countries will be heading to London next year to take part in the competition.

Paralympian Ellie Simmonds won a gold medal at the games in Beijing when she was just 13-years-old.

She told Leah: "It is good that the Paralympics is now getting on the same scale as the Olympics."

The super swimmer also said the Team GB might be feeling the pressure because they're competing on home soil: "It's really exciting because it's here in London but quite scary too!"