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Planet Dinosaur : see some lesser-known dinosaurs

Check out these pictures from a new BBC programme which shows some of the weirdest dinos which walked the planet millions of years ago.
The new BBC programme is going to look at all the amazing discoveries we've made about the creatures over the past ten years.
A tyrannosaur's head
The name 'dinosaur' was first used by an English explorer called Richard Owen in 1841. It roughly translates to terrible or wondrous lizard!
A lizard looking at a dinosaur
The Gigantoraptor was one of the most bizarre-looking dinosaurs; it walked on two legs and was armed with dagger-like claws and a giant, fearsome beak.
Dinosaurs belong to the same family as lizards. They used to lay eggs, just like this Gigantoraptor who is looking after its young. Planet Dinosaur is on BBC One on 14 September.
Gigantoraptor brooding
He might look cute... but you wouldn't want to mess with him. Meet the monsters from a new show called Planet Dinosaur.
A close up of a baby dinosaur's eye.
Experts reckon this Spinosaurus was one of the biggest land predators ever. It used a long crocodile-like snout to hunt out its prey.