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Japan Earthquake: Kids' photos of tsunami-damaged towns

Plan International worked with 56 children on a project to show what their homes are like six months after the tsunami and earthquake.
It's been almost six months since the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Children's charity Plan International have asked 56 children who were affected to take photos of where they live, like this one of lanterns floating down a river, taken by 12-year-old Koujon.
Lanterns floating on a river in Ishinomaki.
12-year-old Itsuki took this picture of a damaged statue. The area was badly hit by the tsunami but the Jizo guardian statue stayed standing. It now wears a hat thanking the rescuers for their help.
A Jizo statue wearing a safety helmet in Onagawa in Japan.
Saki photographed some of the younger children at her school getting their lunches. Her school was shut for a month after the earthquake but is now up and running again.
Young children returning their lunch trays Onagawa in Japan.
Some children in Japan have cushioned hoods to put on to protect their heads, in case an earthquake strikes. Kaito took a snap of his friend trying his on.
A school child wearing a blue cushioned hood.
Since the quake hit special defence forces have been helping those who were affected like Onagawa where 12-year-old Marina, who took this pic, lives.
Self defence troops sitting on their beds in Onagawa, Japan.
Koujun visited a primary school which was destroyed by the tsunami. They were origami cranes, which are meant to hold people's wishes, hanging from the trees.
Origami cranes hanging from a tree in a school in Ishinomaki.
Kaisei took a picture of a collapsed building lying on its side, near where he lives. He said that you could tell the scale of the disaster by looking at it.
A three-storey building which was destroyed by the tsunami.
Yuhito's grandparents have been living in an evacuation centre in Ishinomaki, since the earthquake hit nearly six months ago. He said his grandmother here doesn't show a sad face but smiles delightfully for the camera.
Yuhito's grandmother and grandfather in an evacuation centre.