Dog sets new world record for longest ears

Last updated at 07:01

This black and tan Coonhound has got no excuse for not hearing when he's called. Why? Because he's got the longest ears of any dog in the world!

Eight-year-old Harbor's left ear is 31.1cm long, while his right ear is even longer, at 34.3cm.

They've made him a bit of a celeb in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, but having such big ears isn't easy.

As a puppy, he used to trip over them and roll down the stairs, and these days he gets a LOT of attention.

Harbor's owner, Jennifer Wert, said: "Cars will literally stop in the street to take a closer look and get a picture.

"Often strangers will tug his ears which he really doesn't enjoy."

Coonhounds are known for having long ears, but they're actually designed to help the dogs smell by sweeping different scents nearer their noses.