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Texas wildfires destroy hundreds of homes

Pictures of a huge wildfire that's raging through Texas, and has already destroyed hundreds of homes in the American state.
Huge wildfires blazing through Texas have already destroyed nearly 500 houses across the American state.
Flames roar near Bastrop State Park in Texas. Photo: 5 September 2011
The fires are spreading really quickly as a lack of rain has left parts of Texas suffering from drought in recent months, so everything is very dry and quick to burn.
A log burns in Texas. Photo: 5 September 2011
The main blaze, which Texas Governor Rick Perry has described as "a monster", has also forced schools in the area to close. So far there have been no reports of any injuries.
Plumes of smoke rise near Bastrop. Photo: 5 September 2011
At least 5,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the county, but some stayed on to try to tackle the fire.
People battle a wildfire near a house in Texas. Photo: 5 September 2011
The flames have already burnt through more than 17,500 acres of land, including nearly half of the Bastrop State Park.
Ashes float through the air as a wildfire burns in Texas. Photo: 5 September 2011
The wildfire is one of dozens burning across Texas. Officials say it's moving so quickly it cannot be tackled from the ground, so they're using aircraft to dump water onto the flames.
A helicopter is used to drop water on a wildfire near Bastrop, Texas
Firefighters say they are struggling to contain the largest blaze, which is 16 miles wide, in Bastrop County, south-east of the state capital, Austin.
Firefighters from around the state battle a large wildfire on Highway 71 near Smithville, Texas,