11-year-old hockey hero not allowed to claim prize

Last updated at 13:14

A boy who hit an almost impossible hockey shot in America has been told he can't have the £30,000 prize.

Nate Smith, who's 11, hit a hockey puck into a tiny hole from a massive 27 metres away - that's further than the average swimming pool!

But there was a problem - Nate's identical twin brother Nick bought the raffle ticket to enter the competition.

After Nate hit the shot, he was told by organisers he couldn't take home the money as his name wasn't on the ticket.

Instead, £12,000 will be donated to hockey clubs in the local area of Minnesota, where the twins play.

The competition was held at a charity match - and the winner of the raffle got a chance to try to hit a puck into tiny hole in a board.

What made it even tougher, was how far away the mouse-sized hole was - and no-one expected Nate to make it.

So when he did, the next day his dad had to make the decision to confess it was actually Nick's name on the ticket.

The twin's dad Pat Smith said: "You could tell they weren't feeling right about it. We weren't trying to hide anything. We just felt honesty was the best policy."