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Pictures: All the animals at London Zoo get a health check

Over 750 species of animal were measured and weighed at London Zoo. The results are sent to an international information system and allows zoo keepers to see if any of the animals may be getting sick.
Every year London Zoo measures its animals to check their health. We wouldn't want to hold this red-kneed tarantula long enough to measure it with a ruler. That's a lot of legs!
Tarantula on a hand being measured by a ruler
This emperor tamirin jut wants to monkey around - sticking out it's tongue out on the measuring scales.
An emperor tamarin sitting on some weighing scales.
Sometimes they need some pretty long measuring tapes to size up animals like this milk snake.
Zookeepers hold a tape measure up against a milk snake to check it's size.
This tamandua finds a branch to lick whilst the zoo keepers check how much it weighs. Tasty?
A tamandua licks a branch as it sits on some weighing scales.
It's no easy job weighing all the animals. As you can see this Galapagos turtle was no lightweight. Those are some pretty big scales!
A Galapagos turtle stands on a scale whilst a zoo keeper holds up the scales digital display.