Hurricane Irene hits the Bahamas, could be headed for US

Last updated at 16:12

People living on the east coast of America are bracing themselves for hurricane Irene.

The tropical storm has already caused damage in parts of the Caribbean and in the Bahamas.

Irene's strong winds and heavy rain have caused flooding and power cuts across the islands.

At the moment it's a catergory three storm, but experts think that it will get stronger as it heads towards the US.

It is expected to reach the southern state of North Carolina by the weekend.

If it hits, Irene will be the first hurricane to hit the US mainland since 2008.

The storm first hit the region on Tuesday destroying hundreds of people's homes in the Dominican Republic.

Irene also caused flooding in nearby Haiti, where at least two people were reported to have died.

In Puerto Rico, the storm cut power to more than half the island and affected the water supplies of more than 100,000 people.

This time of year is known as hurricane season in the Caribbean.