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Pictures: Hurricane Irene heads for east-coast of America

Hurricane Irene has already battered some parts of the Caribbean and is now heading for the east coast of America.
Many tourists left holiday resorts in the Bahamas before the hurricane hit. Winds reaching 120 mph battered the island and caused lots of damage to property.
A boy walks on a beach in Nassau, in the Bahamas.
Forecasters tracking Hurricane Irene expect it to reach the east-coast of America by the weekend. Some are concerned it could travel as far north as New York.
People in North Carolina prepare their home for Hurricane Irene.
Hurricane Irene is being tracked by satellites as it moves from the Caribbean towards the east coast of America.
Satellite image of Hurricane Irene
In America, everyone living on the small island of Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina has been evacuated by ferry to the mainland.
Cars from the small island of Ocracoke Island coming off a ferry
North and South Carolina are expected to the worst hit by Hurricane Irene. Many residents have been preparing by boarding up windows with plywood to protect their homes from the very strong winds.
A man using a saw to cut a piece of plywood
The hurricane has already hit some of the Caribbean islands. On the small island of Hispaniola there has been lots of flooding and mudslides. The torrential rain caused rivers to burst their banks and overflow.
People walking through flood water on the streets of San Cristobal in Hispaniola.