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Pictures: Flash floods leave parts of Dorset under water

Flash flooding has hits parts of Dorset after heavy rainfall, causing causes cars to be stranded and some roads to be closed.
Flash floods have hit parts of Dorset leaving lots of vehicles, like this police car, surrounded by water.
Police car and another vehicle in flood water
Police said Bournemouth, where a four-day air show was due to begin, was the main area to be affected.
Cars parked outside Bournemouth's Town Hall are stranded by flood water.
The floods also left parts of Bournemouth's Lower Gardens, which are popular with tourists in the summer, under water.
Bournemouth's Lower Gardens
In Bournemouth, the road surface at Gervis Place cracked due to the volume of water in the drainage systems below. But Bournemouth Borough Council said it believed the worst of the weather had passed by the afternoon.
Road surface cracks in Bournemouth
As the rain continued to fall, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service were rushed off their feet, responding to more than 100 call-outs in two hours.
Boscombe Beach
The flash floods were caused by an outburst of torrential rain and forced some shops and tourist attractions to close. This is Lower Gardens, in Bournemouth.
Lower Gardens, Bournemouth