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Pictures: Rare birds and turtles found in police raid

More than 20 birds and 70 endangered turtles were found by police in Manila, in the Philippines. Three people have been arrested for trying to sell on the rare animals.
There were also 70 endangered birds found, like these Palawan Hill Mynah in the raid. The police believe the animals were likely to be sold abroad as pets.
Two Palawan Hill Mynah birds
All of the animals were found in the capital city Manila. Their normal habitat is the western island of Palawan.
Palawan Hill Mynah birds
Three people were arrested by police for trying to sell on the rare birds and endangered turtles. The Mayor of Manila Alfredo Lim has asked the police to do more to stop people capturing and selling animals illegally.
A bird being fed a piece of banana
A rare crested serpent-eagle was also found among the haul. All of the animals have been handed over to Manila Zoo to be cared for.
A crested serpent eagle
These pond turtles are on the critically endangered list and are only found on the island of Palawan.
Pond turtle
This Malayan Box Turtle was one of 21 endangered turtles seized by police as part of a raid in the Philippines.