Refugee camp opens to more families in Kenya

Last updated at 06:49

Families from Somalia should be able to move into part of the world's biggest refugee camp today.

Some of the Dadaab camp in northern Kenya has been empty until now - even though the area is suffering drought and famine.

The United Nations say another 45,000 tents are needed to house all the refugees coming to Dadaab from Somalia.

One in three children in Somalia is malnourished because of the famine there.

It means they're sick because they don't have enough food.

Moving in

When the Dadaab camp was created in the 1980s, it was designed to house 90,000 people. But more than 400,000 are currently living there and thousands more are arriving every day to escape the famine in Somalia.

Conditions are so overcrowded that new arrivals have to set up camp in the desert.

A new refugee camp was built last year to cope with the growing numbers of people arriving at Dadaab, but it's been empty for months.

The Kenyan government has done a lot to help refugees from neighbouring countries, but it was worried that facilities at the new camp were so good that some of the refugees might never want to leave.

Now Kenya has finally decided to open the camp and families are slowly starting to move in.