Olympic champ James Cracknell saved by his cycle helmet

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When you go out on a bike ride do you always wear a helmet?

In the UK, wearing a helmet isn't the law and apparently only one in five people put one on before going for a ride.

Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell doesn't think that enough people are protecting their heads before getting on their bikes.

He told Ricky about a new cycle safety campaign that he's supporting.

Last year, James was almost killed when a lorry hit him while he was cycling across America.

Doctors have said that if he hadn't been wearing a helmet he'd have died.

In Australia and New Zealand it's against the law get on a bike without one and some people want it to be the same here.

But not everyone agrees, a few groups think that by making everyone wear a helmet will put you off of picking up a bike.

Newsround sent Ricky along to find out more.