Chat: What do you think makes a good team?

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England are now the top Test cricket team in the world after knocking India off the number one spot.

Only a few years ago England were close to being the worst team in the world but they have fought hard to become the top-ranked side.

We want to know what you think makes a good team? Why do you think the England players have managed to become the best? And how come their footballing colleagues aren't doing as well?

What are your top tips for being a winning team? Maybe you think that a good leader is important, or perhaps you reckon one or two good players are the key?

Whatever you think, we want to know!

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"What makes a good team is doing everything at the right time."

Faith, 7, England

"There's no 'I' in team! With me being a netball player and netball manager, I know that the key to success is team work. Through all my team work I've got 5 medals, 4 trophies and a certificate since 2008."

Kimberley, 12, Birmingham, England