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Pictures of giant whales up close!

Check out these fantastic snaps of huge whales!
These close-up pics were taken as part of the BBC One series Ocean Giants. Here's a humpback whale making a splash off the coast of Hawaii.
Tail of a humpback whale
Another impressive mammal is this bowhead whale - they are the fattest animals in the world. They have up to 50 tonnes - the weight of about 10 elephants - of body fat to keep them warm and snug.
Bowhead whale
And this huge creature is a southern right whale - who seems to have got a new diver friend!
Southern right whale
Say hello to this blue whale - they're the largest animals in the world!
Blue whale
Let's step back and have a full view of the underwater giant. These blue whales can weigh up to 200 tonnes - the same as about 40 elephants - and can be a whopping 30m long.
Blue whale
This grey whale looks a bit grumpy. They travel from warm breeding grounds at the equator to their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic and it's thought to be the longest yearly trip that any mammal makes.
Grey whale