Riots: Parliament recalled as MPs debate solutions

Last updated at 16:43

It was a mostly calm night on Wednesday, after four nights of trouble across England.

Loads of police on the streets - and heavy rain in some areas - seemed to help stop another night of violence.

Several courts worked through the night to deal with all those arrested. There have been more 1,000 arrests across the country.

In Birmingham, a vigil was held for three men who died after being hit by a car while protecting their local area.

A 32-year-old man is being questioned by police on suspicion of murder.

Prime Minister David Cameron called the deaths "truly dreadful".

Today the PM held an emergency debate in Parliament to discuss what's been happening.

During the debate, he admitted that there were "far too few police" on the streets to begin with, which meant the violence got out of hand.

But he also said the government would look into changing the way police deal with people wearing facemasks, and possibly limiting the use of social networks for planning criminal activity.

He also said there'd be £20million to help local businesses hit by the violence to get back up and running quickly.