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Pictures: Communities help clear up after the riots

Volunteers are coming together to help communities clear up after the riots in London and around the UK.
People have been using social networking sites to round volunteers together to help. These people are clearing up the street where a vehicle was burnt out.
Volunteers clearing up the remains from a burnt out vehicle in Hackney, north London
Volunteers are gathering together to help the clear up in the places they live. Here volunteers in Hackney, north London, stand together to show their unity before starting work.
Volunteers in Hackney stand together in solidarity before they start help clear up their town.
Here workers clean the road in Ealing High Street, west London, and burnt out cars are being cleared away.
Workers clear up in Ealing High Street, west London
Lots of shops have been vandalised and things stolen from them. This Croydon shopkeeper, like lots of others, is trying to clear up his shop so that he can start earning his living again.
A shopkeeper tries to clear up his shop in Croydon, south London
It's not only people affected by the riots. These animals had to be moved from their pet store after riots on Tottenham High Road in north London.
Pets being taken out of pet store
These bank workers in Birmingham are trying to clear up the glass outside their branch.
Bank workers clean up broken glass
Everybody is helping out, but people are angry that rioters have caused so much trouble.
Volunteer clearing up in Hackney