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Pictures: Violent riots hit parts of London

Tottenham in north London is recovering from a night of voilent riots where shops were looted and buildings burned.
Tottenham in north London is recovering after a night of rioting where petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at police, shops, houses and cars.
A bus on fire and police in Tottenham
A local youth worker said there had been growing anger over how the police were treating the residents in Tottenham. London's Deputy Mayor called the riots "disgusting and shocking" and said the police did a good job.
Tottenham High Road viewed through the shell of a car
Two police patrol cars were set alight, along with shops and other buildings.
The shells of two patrol cars
A number of buildings and vehicles were reduced to charred wrecks after being set alight. Some of the buildings had families living in them who had to be rescued by firemen
Burnt-out building in Tottenham, north London
Dozens of people were injured during the rioting and police have made 48 arrests.
A policewoman by a row of smashed windows in Tottenham, north London
Tottenham MP David Lammy said: "A community that was already hurting has had its heart ripped out."
A man and boy look through the windows of a burnt-out car
Violence broke out after crowds gathered for a peaceful protest over the fatal shooting by police of local man Mark Duggan on Thursday.
Riot police in Tottenham
Police came under attack from bottles, fireworks and other missiles.
A fireman walks down a street covered with debris after the riots.
A resident described seeing young people throwing bricks at windows and trying to set fire to businesses. The damage to people's property is severe.
Damage to a hair salon after rioting in Tottenham, north London
Met Commander Adrian Hanstock said police could not anticipate the level of violence that broke out after the peaceful protest was held outside the police station.
Firefighters dampen down a building in Tottenham, north London.
Crowds of looters smashed shop windows and witnesses described seeing people pushing shopping trolleys full of looted electronic goods.
A ransacked shop in Tottenham, north London.
A local resident said Tottenham looked like a battlefield.
The shell of a double decker bus