More Staffies are being abandoned than any other dog

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Meet Bullseye, he's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he's been at Battersea Dogs Home for nine months.

Over half the dogs at the centre are Staffies - lots are abandoned and not enough people are giving them homes.

Dogs like labradors and retrievers find new homes in a few days but Staffies like Bullseye usually have to wait up to two months.

But people used to think that these dogs made the perfect family pet; Leah had one when she was little!

Today Staffies are thought to be dangerous because some people have been trying to train them to fight other dogs.

The animals are treated badly by people who want them to look and act aggressively and then abandoned when they don't want them anymore.

But dog experts say that though you should never touch a dog you don't know, it's the owners who are dangerous, not the dogs.

We sent Leah along to find out more...