Flash flooding hits parts of Yorkshire

Last updated at 11:48

The mini heatwave is over in Yorkshire where some areas have been hit by flash flooding.

Torrential rain fell there on Wednesday afternoon with some areas getting a month's worth of rainfall in just 12 hours!

Firefighters were called in to help people in the town of Goole after the waters rose into local buildings.

People think that the recent hot weather meant that the ground was too hard to soak up the water properly.

In Goole, the Fire Service had 135 rescue calls in just three hours and had to evacuate some buildings in the town centre.

In the village of Dunnington near York locals saw massive hailstones the size of golf balls during the storm.

Local man Roy Freer said: "We've never experienced a storm like it in Dunnington, I've lived here all my life and it was just absolutely torrential.

"It was the hailstones that did the damage, they were like small golf balls, they just devastated all the flower tubs and everything."