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Animals beat the heat at London Zoo

As temperatures soar across the UK, animals at London Zoo are doing their best to cool off.
We all need to make sure we drink lots in the hot weather and it's the same for animals too. The zoo's 11-year-old silverback gorilla Kesho took time out from playing with his beach ball to enjoy his favourite drink - fruit tea.
Kesho, a western lowland gorilla, drinking some fruit tea
Most people wear fewer clothes in the hot weather, but as temperatures soar across parts of the UK penguins at London Zoo are keeping cool by getting rid of their feathered coats. Standing in water misters while they moult also helps.
Penguins standing in the water misters at London Zoo’s Penguin Beach exhibit while they moult
It's tough for bearded pigs to stay cool because of their furry coats too, so their keepers have been treating them to their own showers.
Bearded pigs at London Zoo