Law change possible for ripping your own CDs and DVDs

Last updated at 11:14

Did you know that if you buy a CD and copy the tracks onto your MP3 player, you're breaking the law? No? Well, you're not alone.

Millions of people transfer music and films from CDs and DVDs onto portable devices, like iPods, without realising it's illegal. But don't panic.

The government's reviewing copyright laws and wants to scrap the rule.

Not everything's changing though - it will still be against the law to share your favourite tunes online.

Business secretary Vince Cable said the coalition government wants to bring copyright law into line with the "real world".

That includes making it easier for performing artists to make alternative versions of someone else's work without getting permission from the copyright holder.

For example, record company EMI have had tracks based on Jay Z and Alicia Keys' song Empire State of Mind removed from websites under copyright laws.

But under the proposed changes to British copyright laws, the tracks would be tolerated.