Peacock escapes from New York zoo

Last updated at 05:55
A peacock that escaped from New York City's Central Park Zoo sits perched on a fifth floor windowsill in New YorkReuters

A peacock has been strutting his stuff on the streets of New York after escaping from a city zoo.

The male bird later attracted big crowds as he rested on a window ledge several storeys high, at a building across the road from Central Park Zoo.

His keepers said the exotic escapee wasn't a risk to anyone and they're hoping he'll fly home soon. If he doesn't, they'll go and get him.

The peacock is the third animal to escape a New York zoo this year.

In May, a peahen fled the Bronx Zoo. A cobra escaped at the same zoo in March.

The peahen managed to strut around the Bronx for at least a day before it was rescued by a garage owner.

Despite being missing for nearly a week, the cobra didn't get very far and was found in a dark corner near its tank.