Seal climbs fence to greet new aquarium arrival

Last updated at 06:40

A fully grown harbour seal has been filmed clambering over a metre-high fence to drop in on her new aquarium neighbour and say hi.

Managers at St Andrews aquarium were planning to introduce Laurel to new arrival Togo in a few weeks, but it seems she couldn't wait.

It took several attempts, but the 20-year-old seal soon scaled the barrier to greet the one-year-old pup.

The barrier has now been taken down so Togo and Laurel can share both pools.

Togo was flown to Scotland from Denmark and was being kept in a separate pool so he could adjust to his new surroundings.

Aquarium staff said they were amazed when they arrived to find Laurel and Togo playing together.

Manager John Mace said: "We couldn't believe it when we came in on Saturday morning to find Laurel and Togo swimming around together.

"There was evidence that the fencing was slightly damaged, but when we watched back the security camera footage we just couldn't believe what we were seeing."