Two adverts for make-up company L'Oreal are banned

Last updated at 16:23

Adverts by the make-up company L'Oreal have been banned by the UK's adverts watchdog for being too airbrushed.

An MP complained that the photos had so much touching-up work done to them, they made the products appear better than they are.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) agreed that the pictures had been altered too much and were misleading.

The two magazine ads featured the actress Julia Roberts, and supermodel Christy Turlington.

L'Oreal says it does touch up its images but it claims the ads don't mislead anyone - they reckon their products do what they say they do.

Not everyone agrees - fashion presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones said: "I don't think consumer's that misled... We need to aspire to something.

"We know Julia Roberts has good skin - so it's not as if she has dreadful skin. Which I agree if that was the case would be very misleading."

For years magazines have used computers to tweak the way models and celebrities look.

Airbrushed adverts have been banned before but the ASA says that complaints like this are rare.