Dr Who: Behind the scenes with Leah

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The wait is over - the brand new series of Doctor Who will be on our screens really soon. You'll finally get a chance to see what Matt Smith is like in the role of the Time Lord.

But Leah got the chance to meet the star, and his new companion, while they were filming.

She tells

"I've never been on the set of a television programme or a film so I was really excited to find out what it would be like to be an actor on such a massive show.

Most of the filming takes place in Wales and mainly in Cardiff, but the day I was invited to come and have a look they were on an industrial estate near Merthyr Tydfil.

The whole cast and crew gets driven to each location every day and they always have a base where they can eat their meals and take their breaks. When I arrived everyone was tucking into breakfast even though it was about 2pm!

Because they shoot some of the episodes at night they start working much later, so the afternoon for me was the morning for them.

First meeting

The episode I saw them making is when the Doctor meets his new companion. I really wanted to see the Tardis because it's such a big part of the show but it was on its side because in the episode it crashes into the garden.

Animal actors

It takes loads of people to make the programme - from the actors to all the crew - and even animals. Bosley the dog was on set - he's a Rottweiler which are known for being quite fierce. But Bosley was lovely, he was really friendly and loved to be stroked.

You might not recognise him in the episode because computer graphics will put his head onto an actor's body… so watch closely to spot him.

New Doctor

Matt Smith is the new Doctor and he's the youngest ever. When I got to meet him he was really friendly. His costume was all ripped but he promised me it would all make sense when I watched the show.

There's a new Doctor so there's a new companion too - her name is Karen Gillan and her character is called Amy Pond.

In between filming we got to have a chat but she was dressed as a policewoman… not exactly what I was expecting but I guess we'll all have to wait to see why.

Long day

One of the biggest surprises for me was just how long it takes to film everything - there was a lot of standing around and a lot of tea drinking to keep warm!

So I'll stick with Newsround and save my acting skills for another day."