Chat: Should players be allowed to do tricks on the pitch?

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Theyab Awana gets send off for back kicking in a penalty.Other

This player caused a big fuss on the pitch when he back-heeled in a goal from the penalty spot and was then booked for being unsporting.

The ref reckoned that the United Arab Emirates footballer Theyab Awana should be punished for being disrespectful to the other team.

We want to know if you agree that players should be booked for doing tricks on the pitch or is showboating all part of the game?

Do you think that players can go too far with tricks on the pitch? Or perhaps you reckon that if you've got the skills then why not show them off?

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Your comments

"They shouldn't 'cause they need to celebrate if they did something good."

Connell, 10

"Footballers do tricks all the time on the pitch, and sometimes they show off, but they shouldn't be booked."

Leo, 10

"I think that footballers should be able to score with skills. But it's when they go over-the-top with celebrations that they should be booked."

Dominic, 11

"I think players should be allowed to show their skill on the pitch, but they should be booked for showing off at the other team."

Andrew, 11

"There is nothing wrong with scoring a class goal with an overhead kick or back-heel, or with the celebration. It's going too far when they book players for it."

Jude, 12

"I think they should be booked because I hate players showing off! I think it's alright to do it to get past players but not to take free-kicks or penaltys. Actually, they should get sent off or banned in my opinion!"

Sam, 9

"I think footballers shouldn't be booked for doing tricks while taking a penalty because I think they should be allowed to show their football skills."

Conor, 9

"They should do tricks on the pitch. If they didn't then the game would be boring!"

Jasmine, 11

"I think that players should be allowed to do tricks but if they start mocking the other team I agree that they should be booked. Players should be allowed to do basic tricks but nothing that disrespects the game."

Dulan, 10

"I think footballers should be allowed to show their football skills on the pitch but they should not be rude to the other team if they score. My dad agrees and we both like watching and playing a good game of footie!"

Catriona, 10

"I think they sometimes should be booked but sometimes it's just skill- like that backheel!"

Oli, 11

"Footballers should be allowed to do tricks on the pitch, however they should not be able to insult the other team if they score. Football is a magnificent sport and me and many others would be very ashamed to see it ruined!!"

Mahesh, 10