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Liverpool gets a giant new museum

The city of Liverpool has got a brand new gigantic museum - check out what it's all about!
Here's the huge spiral staircase in the centre of the building. The Museum of Liverpool is the world's first national museum to be dedicated to the history of a regional city.
Staircase in Museum of Liverpool
Here's a giant model of a cathedral that never got built. It's one of the objects on display at the Museum of Liverpool. The museum tells the story of the city with more than 6,000 objects, many of which have never been on display before.
A giant model of the never built Catholic cathedral - one of the objects on display.
One of the items that was kept in storage, because there was nowhere to display it, is this car. It's the first of its type made at a nearby car manufacturing plant in 1963.
Ford Anglia car
The museum will be opened by a six-year-old boy called Finn from Liverpool - he sent in a letter putting himself forward for the job.
View from a museum window across to Pier Head
Curators have been working for ten years on the exhibitions for the museum.
Statue from Gerrard Gardens
Liverpool has got a brand new museum - it cost a whopping £72million and is the largest national museum to be built in Britain in more than 100 years.
Museum of Liverpool