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11 amazing mazes: Lion King, Doctor Who and more

The York Maze has unveiled an amazing creation to mark 25 years of The Lion King. Check it out - and some other amazing maze designs.
If you get lost in this maze, just think Hakuna Matata. Hopefully a friendly meerkat and warthog duo will come along to help you find your way out! The creation in York was made from over one million living, growing maize plants, and was put together to celebrate 25 years of The Lion King.
Lion-King-maze.PA Media
This year, Wistow Maze in Leicestershire has been designed to remember another significant anniversary - 50 years since the Moon landing! The eight-acre maze depicts an astronaut and has three miles of pathways.
Wistow isn't the only maze honouring that important moment in history. This maze at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire was created to mark the same event, with a famous image of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and a life-sized version of the Saturn V rocket.
Moon-landing-maze.National Forest Adventure Farm
Before the Moon landing creation, the adventure farm in Staffordshire had an enormous Shaun the Sheep maze, which was about the size of 15 football pitches. You'd have to have a baa-rilliant sense of direction to find your way out of that one!
Wistow isn't the only farm to feature the famous sheep among its maize. This creation from 2019 came about when Shaun the Sheep creators Aardman partnered with Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm in Lancashire. The maze features Shaun the Sheep and his new alien friend LU-LA - named in honour of this year's Moon landing anniversary - and measures the equivalent of eight football pitches!
2019-shaun-the-sheep-maze.Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm
This maze appeared on a farm in Germany. Taken with a drone in July 2019, the picture shows a corn field creation which depicts young climate change activist Greta Thunberg along with the caption 'Fridays for Future', referring to her environmental protests.
Greta-Thunberg-maze.European Photopress Agency
Back to fictional characters and back in 2016, Wistow Maize Maze in Leicestershire honoured one of literature's best-loved children's characters. Yes, this maze is built around an outline of the BFG to celebrate the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth. It's one, er, giant puzzle, that's for sure!
Wistow Maize-Maze.Heritage Images
Can you guess who's being depicted in this creation? Well, believe it or not, it was actually a maze depicting Welsh mezzo-soprano singer and songwriter Katherine Jenkins. It was on display at Heatherton Country Sports Park in Pembrokeshire.
We certainly think this is a lovely summery design for the warmer months! This bee maze was enjoyed by visitors to Hemsby Mega Maze in Norfolk.
Magic would be a good way to help find your way out if you get lost here. Farmer Tom Pearcy cut two portraits of Harry Potter in his crop of maize plants, but with some subtle differences. It's a bit like one enormous spot-the-difference. Can you tell them apart?
Tom-Pearsys-Maize-Maze.Bethany Clarke
The sonic screwdriver won't help the Doctor out when it comes to conquering the dalek in this maze. It's over 300 metres long! A bit like the Lion King creation at the start of this gallery marks 25 years of the famous story, this epic puzzle was designed for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.
Doctor-Who-maze.Getty Images