UK's top policeman Sir Paul Stephenson quits

Last updated at 15:07

Britain's top policeman Sir Paul Stephenson has quit his job.

He was head of the Metropolitan Police in London and was looking after the policing of the Olympics in 2012.

Some people suggested that officers in his force were too close to people who've been accused of hacking mobile phones, and that he might not have been able to do his job as a policeman properly because of this.

Sir Paul resigned after speaking to his boss, Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Sir Paul said he hasn't done anything wrong, but that he wanted to leave because the police force would be distracted if he were to stay on.

Investigators who are looking into the phone-hacking scandal had thought it was wrong for Sir Paul to hire the former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis.

Following on from his resignation, on Monday, Sir Paul's second-in-command, Assistant Commissioner John Yates also quit his job.

It was Mr Yates who'd checked up on Neil Wallis before the police decided to employ him.

Mayor Boris Johnson said it was right for both men to stand down.

Police are still looking into exactly how many people have been victims of phone hacking but so far it's thought that reporters may have secretly listened to more than 4,000 people's messages.