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Divers' amazing pictures of underwater creatures

Check out these amazing underwater snaps. Divers had just one day to capture the best images off the Devon coast for a national competition.
Ever wondered what life is really like under the sea? Then check out these super underwater snaps!
Picture of a starfish taken by Dan Bolt
Diver Tim Priest snapped this beautiful picture of jewel anemones off the coast of Devon.
Close up of jewel anemones
Derek Haslam came second in the photo competition with this snap of a shipwreck - wonder if he's spotted any treasure?
Diver Derek Haslam in a shipwreck
All the photographers had just one day to go out and see what amazing underwater scenes they could snap.
Cathy Lewis' picture of a diver with a torch
Cathy Lewis found this amazing shot of a spider crab hiding under an anemone. We can see you!
Spider crab and snakelocks anemone
Divers took part in the British Underwater Photography Championship to see who could snap the best image - like this super close-up picture of a starfish.
Close-up of a starfish
Looking for Nemo? Jan Davies saw this pretty little fish - it's a painted goby and they're quite common around the south west of the UK.
Up close with a painted goby